the first issue of pin-up fell into my hands straight from new york
its snazzy its cut&paste its in-your-face sexy
and totally gay

now that's what i call architecture magazine

"architectural entertainment"



@vecindad gráfica

what do you get when you mix primitive and povera and and rent-freeze controls and ajax green and barroque?

mexican pop

vecindades are popular tenements in central city districts in mexico, usually old decaying singular-family aristocratic houses, a couple of hundred years old, that then became squats and now are the ultimate form of "popular housing", where dozens of families take up old bedrooms as their flats. vecindades usually have a central indoor patio that opens directly to the street, making them ideal spaces for shady buisness: drugs, smuggling, storage, contacts, prostitution, etc.

the ultimate block candystore.



via crash

yes, this is the age of the extremes
and the city is the place of extremes

i've noticed that cities are polarized not only in terms of economic or social condition
access to service and culture and information
but also in terms of beauty
cities are crowded with
increasingly beautiful people
increasingly ugly people

i find this depressing



martín churba@cientoporcientodiseño
vía noticiasarquitectura

i am so used now to mistaking my hometown mex/city for streetscenes shot from caracas, bogotá, sao paulo, san salvador, managua

even buenos aires

a new true panamericana

the era of makeshift reuse plastic tent supercities

swallowing informal, which is the new modern (at least for us)