the year is coming to an end. in catalunya, december is the headless chicken of the year, just wondering aimless waiting for everything to be over and done with. my own 2007 calvary is not-quite-finished. hopefully next month (year) you will find borderlandia up and running. all my border sh^t is deliciously piling up. i'm trying to whip up something for the next issue of monu. stay tuned. expect many-a-hideous thingys such as toxic cementeries, backdoor politics, bogus beautification, planned urban disaster and the wonderful world of narcotecture. meanwhile, i'm gonna download me some chalino sánchez to set the mood.



new nothing

everyone seems to be drooling over sanaa's new new museum in nyc's lower east side. the japanese always give designy people hardons. personally, i don't see what all the fuss is about. the new mu looks like a refined version of the lacaton&vassal palaisdetokyo formula of run-down shimmer and cool bareness.


still, i was delighted to read (i mean watch) sam jacob's last strangeharvest post with 20 pieces of sponsored architecture. i thought the whole thing was a joke. it probably is, a wink of sorts. anyway, it's the best review i've found so far. why didn't anyone notice this before?


childhood frustration leads to architecture

i wanted to be a musician, but i wasn't good enough so i became an architect...
renzo piano

yeah you see i started in an art school and or you see my intention was to became a painter. this what i do more personally in which i think is more intimate you see and in which myself you see i can expand maybe as a person you see inside the in a dialogue with myself is the painting and the sculpture.
santiago calatrava

- when you were a child, did you want to become an architect?
- no, I wanted to be anyone who wore interesting clothing: a priest, a policeman.
daniel libeskind


big picture

i am surrounded by architects and i have to deal with their shit all the time. architects can be very annoying people. one of the most annoying habits of architects is their conviction that architecture is so comprehensive and overarching, a one-size-fits-all worldview. this is not true, of course. architects have just about the same limited world-reading skills as any other traditional profession. architects might pretend to be really good at getting the big picture, sticking their fork into just about anything...same goes for politicians and bullshitters in general. i, on the contrary, feel that architects are particularly bad at the big picture, because they always want to control it and they usually over-simplify it. they believe in the big picture. architecture is just fine as a base preparation, but it would be good if architects were thrown out of architecture at the same time they are thrown out of architecture school. a degree in architecture doesn't make you particularly apt for anything other than "hardcore" architecture -tectonics, i guess. which isn't much. why don't architects learn to read space before they learn to build space? i'm just asking, little goyishe me.