le visage de

it ain't garbo, but still deserves a barthesian ode of its own, don't you think?

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home porn

"as wall street titans grabbed bonuses based on illusory, short-term paper profits, so regular americans took on all kinds of debt wildly disproportionate to their assets and income. the nearly $1 trillion in unpaid credit-card balances is now on deck to be the next big crash. this debt-ridden national binge of greed and irresponsibility washed over our culture not just through the marie antoinette antics of a schwarzman and a thain but in mass forms of conspicuous consumption and entertainment. Cable networks like bravo, a&e, tlc and hgtv produced an avalanche of creepy programming catering to the decade’s housing bubble alone — an orgiastic genre that might be called subprime pornography. some of the series — 'flip this house,' 'flip that house,' 'sell this house,' 'my house is worth what?' — still play on even as more and more house owners are being flipped into destitute homelessness."

frank rich, "no time for poetry"



hotel habita, monterrey, mexico. agustín landa and joseph dirand. via spaceinvading

some archiglam shots prove striking for all the wrong, unintended reasons.


feelin' good

this is how inauguration festivities went down in mexico city

gabrielle civil
, via intersections



if this turns out to be as bad as they say it can get, i think the official soundtrack for the xxist-century neo great depression should be nico muhly's the only tune.