house of what future?

seems disney has announced it’s re-launching the house of the future. imagineers are trying their bestest so they don’t repeat past mistakes (the original monsanto house of the future closed its doors once it became outdated...in the sixties -only ten years after it opened. years later it was bulldozed and gutted to make way for what became the “alpine gardens”). now instead of coming up with some snazzy futuristic look, they’re keeping it safe: on the outside, the house will look like something out of pleasantville. inside though, the new house of the future, re-dubbed “innoventions dream home,” will stay true to the original: it’ll be stuffed with all sorts of “mindblowing” gadgets and “techno-marvels” for everyday easy-livin’. in other words, disney’s idea of the future is still full of useless crap that distracts us from whatever might be significant and keeps away the insecurities of our pitiful consumerist drowse. sweet!

"tomorrow is always built on today", indeed.*

* i guess the folks at disney read their michelet, or at least their benjamin (i.e., every epoch dreams the one to follow)

**fantastic pic found @ daveland


feeling so unarchitectural lately

ok, guess i owe my apx. ten readers an apology. first of all, for being such an apparently lazy arschloch, second of all, for posting just random clips that mostly have nothing to do with architecture.

i haven't posted much cause i'm crazy flooded with proofs and translations for a deadline i have to meet sometime this week. i haven't posted much on architecture because i'm having problems figuring out why exactly i like architecture or what i may find interesting or relevant about architecture with all this state of unrest of the past few weeks.

dear anónimo from the post below and whoever else takes time to read this: i promise i will do my best to keep this blog going. even if it calls for a menudo-style revival.


all about obama

true, this election isn't ALL about obama

* thnx to daniel for the link


yes you can, güeyes

to all those latinos or whatever out there en el gringou:

what the fucking hell is the matter with you? voting for billary, you should be ashamed of yourselves. remember a little someone named bill who signed operation gatekeeper at the same time he signed nafta, and began putting up the muro on the border? i mean, i know you anglophilic chicanos out there, the anti-amnesty lot that wants to bask in their privilege and keep other morenos out of the country, have always supported this type of bullshit... but the others? i don't get how you aren't turned on by obama.

abran los ojos. yes you can, güeyes.


toxic avengence

radioactive rebar and toxic table legs, made in juárez. @ borderlandia