toppings* 1: euramerica

America is sitting on our world. I am making films that have to do with America [because] 60% of my life is America. So I am in fact an American, but I can't go there to vote, I can't change anything. I am an American, so that is why I make films about America...

lars von trier has nevr been to the states. i can't remember if its a political standing or if he's afraid of airplanes (or was that kubrick?) his "american" landscapes are so opposite to the usual depiction (be it hollywoodesque or indie) and the feel of the american open. von trier's euramerica is all but open. its suffocating. even trees seem fake. european is fake. "true old-world" is rip-off u.s.a, not the other way round.

*toppings are (more shameles) deviations from formal architecture. it is about indirect, unclear references, that somehow are just as substantial in my point of view.

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