raymond depardon, pique-nique, 1982
"the desert is private, and only the dunes are nationalized"
(ecrit sur l'image.le désert américain. cahiers du cinéma)

my first real roadtrip. i was five or six years-old. we drove our sedan from san diego to the grand canyon, with a hatchback motor-home riding behind. i wanna do it again.


cheef said...

there's this old short-cartoon where mickey mouse, donald duck, goofy & pluto ride on a hatchback up a narrow higway that circles a red desert mountain...

nostalgia hits

my favourite moment: they eat a big juicy corn & do it just like a typewriter roll... bitebitebite... roll.up!... bitebitebite... roll.up!

brayan said...

i think i saw it
i'm a total sucker for americana
i think its due to early childhood exposure
(but then, all of us are nowadays...)

this southwestern white-blues emptiness is the closest thing for me to a mystic appeal