i still haven´t decided on any "specific interests." candyland is a search outline. some of the search threads are superbroad: architecture, politics, pop culture, etc. others are apparently more specific but actually tie all the broad ones and it all becomes a real mess (i.e. the border city, radical histories, or the modern mexican look). some of my friends like to call me an archeologist of pop. i like the sound of that. i also have some grounded, earthly concerns. like alternatives to urban renewal (think urban rehab or urban reactivation). i don't know how far this will go, or if any of this sounds particularly interesting (or even slightly) to any of y'all. but like we say here in cataluyna, es lo que hay. i'm not into architecture as much as i'm into architectural fantasies and perceptions, failed architectures, modern ruins and substrata architectures (someone called it infrascaping). i think mankind is pretty much fucked, but there's still some remanents of humanity worth squeezing.

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