apologize for deadtime. i'm pretty much done with masters work, so posting will be up-n-running again with usual frequency next week. i'll start with a generous sneakpeek of my AQUÍ project, an ongoing research on gentrification, failure and popculture in downton mexico city. phase A of the research is done. phase B might well have an online ramification. my borderlandia paper is due for mid july, so in august the english translation of my tidbits will begin appearing on the blog. thank you for your patience.

i leave you with an opening quote for AQUÍ:

"camp doen’t reverse things. it doesn’t argue that the good is bad, or the bad is good. what it does is to offer a different -a supplementary- set of standards … (camp is) the sensibility of failed seriousness, of the theatricalization of experience… the whole point of camp is to dethrone the serious."

susan sontag, notes on camp

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