big picture

i am surrounded by architects and i have to deal with their shit all the time. architects can be very annoying people. one of the most annoying habits of architects is their conviction that architecture is so comprehensive and overarching, a one-size-fits-all worldview. this is not true, of course. architects have just about the same limited world-reading skills as any other traditional profession. architects might pretend to be really good at getting the big picture, sticking their fork into just about anything...same goes for politicians and bullshitters in general. i, on the contrary, feel that architects are particularly bad at the big picture, because they always want to control it and they usually over-simplify it. they believe in the big picture. architecture is just fine as a base preparation, but it would be good if architects were thrown out of architecture at the same time they are thrown out of architecture school. a degree in architecture doesn't make you particularly apt for anything other than "hardcore" architecture -tectonics, i guess. which isn't much. why don't architects learn to read space before they learn to build space? i'm just asking, little goyishe me.

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