bicentenario... park?

many of us have heard of the little miscarriage oma suffered with its project for the torre bicentenario. few of us outside of mexico city, though, have heard of a probably soon-to-be dropped plan-b megaproject for the celebration of mexico's 200 year independence: the bicentenario "ecological" park. the thing is this is a federal government-backed project, not a city government one (again, the president and the mayor are from feuding parties). the project for the park is set for the former site of an immense refinery, shut down in 1991 by president salinas de gortari, mainly due to environmental concerns.

plans again are most likely bound to fall into a major political scuffle and to be surrounded by shadiness and intrigue. in the meantime, i'll dig a little into the story of what might just be the city's most exciting architectural and urban planning failure of the year.

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