more ¡POP! from a couple of young german-nutty-types (aren't they all) recently featured in wallpaper's list of 25 young architects

"nutz (meaning 'use' in german) is the essence of using, making use of, re-using and 'what use it is'. Use is not only function but rather functions being created by using. for us, use is re-using something. we see re-using as enabling the use of structures that have lost their original function. many of our projects deal with the re-using (umnutzen) of space. the user consumes nutz. nutz is far more complex than function. architecture needs nutz. nutz makes form intelligent. a special degree of nutz is hacking. a hacker uses a thing or structure for something else than it is usually used for... the use of »alienated« materials and buildings could be a hack, too."

@ peanutz

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