serious (mess)


enough glitzy girly bullshit
(for the moment)

back to seriousness. world, as usual is a total fucking mess. scary shit. back home mexican supposed normalization military coming into cities keep peace and indymedia activist hippie reporters shot. border walls and migra too shooting immigrants and narco cutting heads off of people. spiraling upwards fucking overgrowth (unforseen and untried consequences) dubai china starchitectural authoritarianism and identity crashes. iraq wild and absurd and distant so we don't feel the urge (just yet). ¿this is your idea of reconstruction? the constant and seemingly tension buildup in israel-palestine. now beirut ashes catching fire again.

where are the architects? i asked.

oh, here they are:

Will I take part in the reconstruction of the southern suburbs and the villages in the South?" asks Bernard Khoury, one of Lebanon's most high-profile architects and arguably one of its most talented and controversial. "Certainly not. That story is over for me and has been for 10 years, since I decided to work for the private sector. "I would have given you a different answer 15 years ago. Fifteen years ago I came back [to Lebanon after studying in the US] with a naive attitude. I thought I could take part in a social project. I thought there were institutions, or that we would [create] institutions to participate in rebuilding the city. But I didn't have a recipe. Nobody had a recipe. And it didn't happen..."

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