oscar ruiz, tianguis

last year sundays i worked with a girl designer on a book. she lived in neza, a ca. 4 million people "megaslum" (says mike davis) on the eastern skirts of mexcity. its not really a slum, its a barrio. barrio is like a rough neighboorhood, like 'hood if it was the 80s. neza is fantastic. it was all illegal settlement like 20 years ago, and 30 years ago it didn't even exist, it was only dry dusty land. now it has more party salons per-capita and per-square meters in the country. the party salons are shaped like huge chinese fiberglass pagodas or sphinxes or disney princess castles. it is the paradise of the quinceañera. it also has a great nightlife (if you can make it alive back home).

i want to go back to neza, for a sTROLL.

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