got mugged?

people never learn. first, that bloddy limey non-profit suggested in a recent add campaign that, like laura martínez puts it, mexicans wear awfull hats...and will give you aids. now it's some goddam bushwacker team dissing mexico to allure dumbfolk.

found it on ballardian:

walking past sta travel in collingwood (melbourne), I was struck by this advertisement: ‘i was mugged in mexico.’ sta targets the thrillseeking youngish backpacker scene, and it seems to have finally realised the futility of promoting mexico via the standard travel-industry imagery of tacos, burritos and tequilas to a street-smart, apparently narcissistic audience that has seen it all and done it all before.

this coming from a country of ex-cons...
pinches pendejos

(oh, the un-pc ranting about brits and aussies is just to give the post pizzaz. i really love anglos. really...)

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