i have a lovehate relationship with magazines. when i'm lucid, i recognize them as generally useless, deceitful and disposable. other times i can't help being seduced by all that shine and prettiness.

i went up to the rack. i grabbed and leafed through the fashion mags. i felt naughty. i wanted some of that carne that looked so good. i almost couldn't help myself from buying vman with david gandy on the cover. i blushed it was so obscene and yummy.

but i cooled down, managed to resist, picked up the last issue of dwell instead. it felt like the right thing to do, after all, since the cover promised something about the new green revolution conscience or whatever. for a second i was happy with my strategic consumption choice. soon enough i realized the whole buy green thing was, in a sense, bullshit. i should have gone with the seminaked male model.

the issue is replete with the usual deluxy pads (talk about obscene) and supposedly eco must-haves. it was a nice match to the just as dissappointing october 2007 issue of metropolis mag, promising a "green leap forward" (btw, when did maoism become p.c. again?). sorry metropolis, but this time you sucked. arts&craftsy furniture with trees carved into them? sustainable carpeting? 130 euro camper shoes? is this the best we can do? is this really a good starting point?

does small is beautiful as in nouvelle cuisine apply to environmental concerns? will the current (peaking) green hype come crumbling down like its late-eighties culinary equivalent?

now i'm just angry and hungry and horny.

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