if you can, head down to queens for the abcdf exhibit at the queens museum of art. luchadores, quinceañeras, tragafuegos, boings, and other infraexotic goodies from my exhuberant hometown:

"one day the title came to us: abcdf. immediately thereafter the project became a dictionary, a repertory of images that referred to mexico city, organized from a to z...we began to build a list of words that, after several months, numbered more than 900."

you'll find francisco mata rosa's happy-nihilist depictions of "the last city" and screening-party to the apocalypse shots, stuff by maurycy gomulicki, the genius between the all-electric-pink sexshops of the mexcity erotika chain, and the poorlittlerichgirl portaits of daniela rosell, along with works by lourdes grobet, pedro reyes, pablo león de la barra and others...

yepa yepa

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