metropad 0 : justification

these days i’m having a hard time coping with a full time job and a part-time "masters" program. so i guess you’ll just have to bear with me. i can’t assure you it won’t get awfully boring, but for the next few weeks i’ve decided to post my notes for and from seminars. i will try to filter them as much as i can so they actually make some sense. look on the bright side. at least you don’t have to pay 10,000 euro for your share of this posmo pretentious crap.

*marcos castro, untitled (detail), 2006


Urban Modern said...

Hello from New York City. I love Marcos Castro's art and actually found your blog while I was googling him. Do you know him? I have two of his pictures.

Best, Jim

Urban Modern said...

I just bought a wonderful new drawing (ink and watercolor on paper) today from Gustavo Arróniz of Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico City. Gustavo is a dream of an art dealer! Try the web site: http://www.arroniz-arte.com