derek jarman was in this black cottage by a nuclear power plant in dungeness, kent. there he wrote:

"i’m alone again. i sit watching the sun go down, peach as my grandmother’s table-cloth behind the nuclear power station. A great orange moon hangs over the sea and the winds die bringing in the night.


i am tired tonight. my eyes are out of focus, my body droops under the weight of the day, but as I leave you queer lads let me leave you singing. i had to write of a sad time as a witness - not to cloud your smiles - please read the cares of the world that I have locked in these pages; and after, put this book aside and love. may you share of a better future, love without a care and remember we loved too. as the shadows closed in, the stars came out.

i am in love."

then he died.

*great post + pics found @ shorttermmemoryloss

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