supermarkets are getting scarier and scarier. never mind the mutant three-bulb in one onions, or the gargantuan squash, or the seedless pitless plastic-like bell peppers. it's the weekly rise in prices that's got me worried. last week i bought the same old bag of onions (4 or 5 depending on the size) for about 1.3 euro. this week, same bag of onions (brand and everything) had not 4 not 5 but 3 fucking tiny onions for 1.39 euro. same thing with garlic, three instead of the usual five, for the same price. cherry tomato canisters are now sold half-full. my weekly trip to the super for 2 (which ran me around 50 or 60 euro only a couple of months ago) has turned into 2 or 3 visits a week, never paying less than 35 euro. for the first time ever i've refrained from buying lemons (not parmigiano reggiano, not cojonudo white asparagus, not overpriced english jam, but lemons, for chrissakes!) because i felt they were way too expensive at two-fifty a kilo. i've cut my weekend trips to santa caterina in search of fresh seafood, herbs and mushrooms. the little cocina económica around the corner from work has also reduced its usually generous and colorful sides to half a baked potato and half a tomato. times are pretty bleak for my poor little gourmandise tripa.

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