moho 2008

following up on eikongraphia's yearly review of the most popular architecture blogs, i've decided to create my own list: moho 2008, or the most hottest of them all architecture blogs of the year (or the semester i guess). my method is completely impartial and authoritarian: i just pick the ones i think are the hottest. here they are:

1. pruned: alexander trevi has done what very very few people thought possible: squeeze literature out of BOTH architecture (landscape, no less) AND blog posts. passion and intelligence abound @ pruned. it is therefore a true rarity.

2. strangeharvest: taste, wit, pop, spike. what else could you ask for?

3. things: ok, this might not really count as a blog, but things magazine is simply outstanding.

4. archinect: again, not really a blog. still, archinect injects more into the blog scene than most personal blogs out there.

5. varnelis: always sharp and always relevant.

6. we-make-money-not-art: some say wmmna isn't an architecture blog. true: it's more than that. régine's blog is what architects SHOULD be reading.

7. where: more urbanism than architecture, which is exactly why it should be on any architect's blogroll.

8. loudpaper: mimi zeiger has put together a savvy and eclectic site. suave. shame on those who think women don't architecture blog.

9. lifewithoutbuildings: manages to go against the current without departing from architecture.

10. a456: total snob. in the good sense.

11. kosmograd: scrumptiously soviet. brutal and brutalist. please post more.

12. a daily dose of architecture: if you're an architect stranded on a deserted island and can only pick one architecture blog, this should probably be it.

13. subtopia: at his best, bryan finoki is combative, potent and dirty. never forgets architecture is politics.

14. brand avenue: if it didn't take itself so seriously, it could make the top 10. not to be missed, all the same.

15. angelidakis: i'll never understand why neen hasn't picked up among architecture bloggers. coolest of the bunch.

16. part iv: unleash the antiarchitect within.

17. bldgblog: ok, so i was a bit harsh on geoff before. i just felt i had to, everybody loves him, and it's sort of gotten to him. but there's no way he could be left out of this top 25. i just really liked the old bldgblog, and feel he should keep pushing himself instead of just basking in the sun.

18. dezeen: amidst the shimmer, the occasional pearl.

19. city of sound: who knew blogs based in austrailia could be so refined.

20. iconeye: so mainstream, so posh, and yet so great.

21. inhabitat: i can't help but smell greenwashing whenever i come in, but just the effort of sticking to sustainability and posting at the rate they do generates respect.

22. bollocks to architecture: just the name is enough to get it into the top 25.

23. architectradure: architecture as a yummy gizmo.

24. the sesquipedalist: if the next best thing to building is publishing, then the next best thing to criticizing architecture is criticizing architecture books.

25. noticias arquitectura: i only wish latin america truly looked this good...

* 26. eikongraphia: i forgot to put it in. should be on your toplist.

* 27: bloglikeyougiveadamn: colin is on leave apparently, but he has to get back to posting.


mad architect said...

cool list - and I would likely agree the same (though sorted differently).

Bradley said...

Once again no invite to the prom. I must compliment your take on architecture, design blogs. May I suggest ecAr as part of your semi-daily reading. Thanks for your fresh perspective.

Bradley Swarts, editor