my thoughts on eikon's mopo 08

1. bldgblog
snowball effect. yes yes, genderbender refreshing exceptional and novel view on architecture. in 2006 maybe. has become rather stale and formulaic. too many new scientist references. good as starting point for external links. i really can't take much of geoff manaugh's writing or his dorkish fixations (over and over again). populist.

2. city of sound
all in all smart and wholesome. good writing. a bit elitist, but there's nothing wrong with that. i can't stand the random book reviews and other promotional bits, though.

3. archidose
the same old fantastic source for things architecture on the web it always has been.

4. pruned
tiptop. never fails to lure and surprise.

5. interactive architecture
don't really know this one.

6. architecture.mnp
wallpaper* ish, but lighthearted.

7. subtopia
sometimes dense and gripping, sometimes just stuffy. i would keep the posts shorter. out of the "niche" or themed architecture blogs, this is one of the better ones. maybe just because i like the theme.

8. life without buildings
clean, unceremonious and a little eccentric from time to time. doesn't conform. i dig.

9. tropolism
a little too sparse and irregular for my taste. but then, so am i.

10. mirage studio 7
only visited a couple of times. can't really say.

11. strange harvest
i *heart* sam jacob. reading makes me wanna lick my screen.

12. architechnophilia
nothing new. spottings and pretty pictures.

13. the where blog
where is a dweeb, but a totally likable dweeb. brendan's efforts to make urbanism/planning interesting and accesible are something to admire. come back!

14. the arch
never been there.

15. super colossal
i liked gravestmor better.

16. sit down man, you’re a bloody tragedy
never seen it. but sounds way too british for me.

17. brand avenue
again, great "theme", less than great blogging. if i have to choose, it's thumbs up.

18. architecture chicago plus
don't know it. how does a blog on chicago make the top 18 architecture blogs, ANYWHERE? there's probably something wrong here.

19. hugh pearman

20. varnelis
i love kazys too. he's like the not so old teacher or uncle you wanna hang out with instead of revere. but that doesn't mean you can't learn a shit-ton from him.

21. lebbeus woods
nineties. late (blog) bloomer. i'd rather read on lebbeus than lebbeus himself.

22. part IV
naughty. a little too local. i likey, though.

23. eye candy
the name sounds too much like my own blog, without the sarcasm.

24. architectural videos

25. kosmograd
would be superstupendous; if he actually posted every now and then.


Michiel said...

You know your website launches pop-up advertisements?

Geoff Manaugh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brendan said...

Lynn Becker's block made #18 because average Chicagoans actually give a shit about architecture, and Lynn Becker is a sharp writer.

"Where is a dweeb." :-D

mario b. said...

michiel: no, i didn't know. how do i get rid of 'em?

brendan: interesting point about chicagoans. i've never been to chicago either. i think they also give a shit about mexican food. oh and i myslef am a ñoño, which is a mexican version of a dweeb, but kind of twisted too.

Brendan said...

There is a great deal of good Mexican food here. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that there are a lot of Mexicans here, too.

Where is a proud dweeb. Scratch that -- Where is a proud ñoño. :-)

Anonymous said...

its probably your webstats4you thingy that gives you the pop ups.
Go read their policy.

Anonymous said...

architectural videos* is coolest one.

archidose and architectural MNP are good sources for daily read.

OrangeMenace said...

Well, for starters - I'm cool with being described as 'Wallpaper* ish', so thanks.

But what I really want to know is what Geoff said that got deleted from the page...

mario b. said...

well i would've liked to know too, but he erased it before i could read. so... geoff?

Anonymous said...

#23. eye candy appears to have been blogging a bit longer... Perhaps you should have been more selective when naming your blog?

I'm not sure I understand the whole algorithm: MoPo 2008 = (Google Reader + Bloglines) + (Google + Google Images) + (Technorati Rank)

I think it would be interesting to see the actual totals (MoPo 2008 = x).