word 10 : crack



1. a break without complete separation of parts; fissure.
2. a slight opening.
3. a sudden, sharp noise, as of something breaking.
4. a resounding blow.
5. a witty or cutting remark; wisecrack.
6. a break or change in the flow or tone of the voice.
7. opportunity; chance; try.
8. a flaw or defect.
9. pellet-size pieces of highly purified cocaine, prepared with other ingredients for smoking, and known to be especially potent and addicting.
10. a mental defect or deficiency.
11. a moment; instant.


1. to break without complete separation of parts; become fissured.
2. to break abruptly and discordantly, as because of weariness or emotion.
3. to fail; give way.
4. to succumb or break down.
5. to utter or tell.
6. to solve; decipher.
7. to break into.

see also : gutterspace

* guggengraph found @ architechnophilia

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