neo-maoist real estate

turning to his maoist roots, an unorthodox promotor is rocking the real estate world. no, not in china, but in madrid. josé moreno, alias "el pelucas" (wiggy), is known as "the robin hood of fuenlabrada," a middle-class suburb of the spanish capital, a city that a friend describes as being "pantoja total" (totally pantoja).

anyway, drawing inspiration from the little red book (or something) this brave bearded fella decided to build and sell apartments... AT COST!!! anyone that knows anything about spain is perfectly aware of how insanely over-priced pisos have gotten during the post-euro spanish milagro. his 3-4 bedroom flats go for under 88K (euros)! that's about 1/4 of the price of the neighboring apartments. a dingy little 40m2 flat in barcelona will run you about 350k, just so you get the picture.

"if i do it," he says "i don't see why everyone else can't... i thought it was unfair to charge so much. nobody believed me at first...they called me a gilipollas (dimwit)..."

now that's what i call solidarity...

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