new motor

via detroitarts

the story goes
might goes blight
blight goes flight
of the white
but this time round
it could be
a new type of might from blight
(unless it falls lite)

empty car dealership on empty avenue houses the new museum of contemporary art detroit a.k.a mocad
(on a personal note, i've had many-a-dreams of living in an old car dealership and keeping the tiny shiny foil flags as a gesture of preservation)

ouroussoff says:

"the design springs from a profound rethinking of what constitutes urban revitalization. designed by andrew zago, its intentionally raw aesthetic is conceived as an act of guerrilla architecture, one that accepts decay as fact rather than attempt to create a false vision of urban density. by embracing reality, it could succeed where large-scale development has so far failed...mr. zago draws inspiration from the squatters’ houses, performance spaces, local bars and grass-roots art projects that have sprouted amid the disturbing stillness of the neighborhoods: a kind of forgotten underworld tucked into ruined houses and storefronts surrounded by lots that have been abandoned for so long that they have become overgrown fields. the architect had no interest in smoothing over the scars, which are worn as badges of pride...."

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