touring the bush (6) : buenos aires, projects 2

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3. hotels galore : in buenos aires home is not house, it’s a hotel. the city has its own (concentrate) share of the boutique and/or super-design hotel frenzy. designer hotels are a great way to pile up on taste and even innovation and grab hold of the juicy coorperate dineros at the same time. buenos aires notables include:

faena hotel / “experience”: yes, it’s obscene. it’s got its own cabaret and a bistro that features unicorn heads. how do you top that?

home: won the wallpaper 2007 hotel of the year design award. that should be enough.

bobo: bobo means silly. the “rebel and conservative” motive is pretty bobo too, but they have a 90s-themed “tecno” room, and that’s more than most hotels can say for themselves.

4. sounds like tango : not the newest thing around, but still, everytime i listen to this stuff, i think it's really really hot. city-soundtrack courtesy of gotan project and bajofondo tangoclub.

foto: julianrod

to be continued (last one, mellow modernists...)

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